Iconic, high-performance camo green tube to reduce muscle vibration and increase performance no matter what your discipline.
The R2V2 is without a doubt the most iconic, recognizable product in our range. The slim, seamless compression tube for trail, run, triathlon and endurance sports has reached the podium of all major competitions around the world. Scientifically designed to shake up the sports world with ultra-controlled, medical-standard technology, it sets a new standard in compression clothing that we're proud to improve year after year.
Our redesigned R2V2 features an exclusive new 3D wave-shaped knit: an innovative "waffle effect" technology that provides better protection for the ankle and Achilles tendon. The improved vertical stretch increases comfort and fit even further. The tube, which is worn during activities, stimulates the blood circulation and prepares the muscles and mind for exertion. During training and competitions, the quick-drying fabric dampens vibrations to limit muscle damage, reduce pain and postpone fatigue, while reducing lactic acid formation. The special knee pad is specially designed to reduce shocks and discomfort around the knee when crossing rocky paths or sidewalks.
Whether you're looking for a 10k PB or a UTMB ticket, the stylish camo R2V2 sleeve is one of your most deadly weapons to take on the challenge.
Multisport, Running, Trailrunning and Triathlon.
Delayed fatigue and improved performance due to reduced muscle vibration, allowing you to maintain speed and intensity longer during exercise.
High-quality calf muscle support, reducing the risk of injuries and cramps through targeted 360 degree compression.
Optimal comfort thanks to increased vertical stretch and improved fit: no irritation, no friction, no slipping or movement during training or competition.
WEIGHT: 38 grams
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  • Color:Zwart
  • Gender:Uni

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